Your Financial Success Is Our Business

Your financials are the lifeblood of your business. Every number is critical, from the books you keep to the financial statements that provide the larger picture of the health of your company. We partner with business owners who want to build a solid financial framework for success so you can do what you do best – run and grow your company.

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Not your average accountants

Our team of bookkeepers, QuickBooks experts, and Accountants make sure your books and taxes are accurate and up to date. Even if you think your books are in disrepair, give us the challenge. We are experts at getting them in tip-top shape.

But we don’t stop there, because our passion is supporting business stability and growth. Beyond general accounting services, we work with growing companies to help them get to the next level. We do this by partnering with business owners in a one-to-one, advisory setting – helping them make better strategic decisions by using financial statements as the guide.

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We partner with the best, so you get the best

ADP is our solution to easy, stress free payroll. Utilizing their system we can process your payroll, file and pay payroll tax reports, pay your contracts and even help with HR questions.

When you don’t have the bandwidth to take care of your most pressing enterprise concerns, C Squared Solutions provides powerful C-Suite support for your business.

All your financial documents in one place. With Hubdoc, you can automatically import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use.

QuickBooks Online is the software we use to make and keep your financials up-to-date. This powerful program give you the answers you need to run and grow your business.