Planning for Profitability in the New Year

As a business owner, sometimes it’s tough to know where to turn your attention. Many aspects of your business demand it – people, products, processes and profit. As we prepare to enter a new year, what should you focus on first? The element that keeps it all going – PROFIT!

Often, business owners don’t have a clear understanding of their financials, yet as the primary decision maker for the company, financial statements can help you understand how to become more profitable. Here are some top reasons to pay attention to your financial statements:

  • Your financial status affects every aspect of your business – avoid unwanted surprises!
  • You need to know whether you are on track for tax time and make adjustments along the way as needed.
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting and management is dependent on understanding your financials. 
  • Keen interpretation of your financials is the foundation for the creation of a profit plan.
  • Treasures may be hidden in those documents that would enable you to borrow less, invest in new equipment, or hire additional staff.

It should go without saying that accurate books are essential to giving you the data you need to keep tabs on the numbers.  The Minerva Group can help by cleaning up your books and showing you how to navigate your way through your financial documents.

We are experts at helping business owners get a handle on their financial statements so that they can build a profit plan that gets results. We do this by performing an in-depth financial assessment of the health of your company, using your past financials as our guide or creating financial statements based on your books.

We also help in a variety of roles – from keeping your books clean and up to date and preparing and filing your taxes, to developing and implementing a detailed, strategic blueprint for growth. We take it a step further by acting as your accountability partner, helping you achieve your profit plan for the company.   

We’d welcome the opportunity to connect with you and help you get a handle on your financials. Contact us today to learn more.